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Light & Soft Textured GET 'EM NOW MUST-HAVE Lahore's GET 'EM NOW BIg FAT Out of This world GET 'EM NOW
Mangobaaz Big Fat Rolls

Devoured these yummies by an incredibly talented 19 year old baker. Thank you Big Fat Rolls for these LUSHHHH buns. You all have to try these RN

Mangobaaz Blog
Haroon Shahid Big Fat Rolls

Not only is our tea fantastic but so are our donuts and rolls

Haroon Shahid Actor
Rubya Chaudhry Big Fat Rolls

Cinnamon rolls from HEAVEN

Rubya Chaudhry Runway Model

If only you could smell the sweetness of the rolls 😍

Cybil Chowdhry Runway Model
Sarah Khan Big Fat Rolls

I love these yummy cinnamon rolls; When in Lahore make sure to get your hands on @BigFatRolls

Sarah Khan Actress
annie-khalid-Big fat Rolls

Delicious OMG Buttery and Soft and the sweetness is JUST PERFECT!

Annie Khalid Singer
Aima-Baig-Big Fat Rolls

In love with your recipe, can't stop eating this. Thanks Babes ♥️

Aima Baig Singer

Homemade Goodness


We experimented with different recipes for over a year, that's almost 365 days & countless recipes that went down in our very own kitchen, just to create the perfect cinnamon roll that you've been looking for. Though it has the lightest texture ever but the flavors in it are filled up to the brim.

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