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Dopamine Delight


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Since we couldn’t take the whole Lahore to NYC for the cookies, we brought the cookies to Lahore 🍪

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Dopamine Delight: having been to new york, you get to try an insane amount of exciting desserts there for the first time which can easily melt your heart. One of the things that immediately caught our attention was their chocolate chip cookie, it was chocolatey, chunky, giant & simply heavenly AND way different than any other cookie that we’ve ever had – something that everyone deserves to try once in their lifetime. And since we couldn’t take the whole Pakistan to NYC for the cookies, we brought the cookies to Pakistan 🍪 they’re made with the finest Belgian chocolate ever, Callebaut and has chocolate in its every corner and is undoubtedly the best cookie that we’ve ever created. It’s classic, it’s rich, it has all the qualities that you look for in a chocolate chip cookie 🍫 and more importantly, it’s here to stay and raise the bar! 🤎

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