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Filled to the brim with chocolate frosting & topped with ganache & Oreos! You’re gonna wanna hug them!

Biscoff cookie butter on our dreamy big fat donuts.

Slightly toasted marshmallows & full rich chocolate ganache, on a donut! Could this even get any better?

Who needs friends when you’ve got Twilight Crust loaded with delicious oreo cheesecake frosting?

Limited Edition: Red velvet donut

DESCRIPTIONREVIEWS (0) Our best selling Big Fat Roll undercover as a donut. Still got Nutella with it, though.

The chicest & classy flavor of ours to date, covered in white chocolate ganache, meant to melt your heart.

PKR 320

You don’t need to be sixteen to enjoy these delicious caramel-glazed luxurious delicacies.

  • 1920 PKR Half Dozen Per Box
  • Pack of 6 Big Fat Fancy Donuts
  • 3840 PKR Full Dozen Per Box
  • Pack of 12 Big Fat Fancy Donuts
  • 5760 PKR Jumbo Dozen Per Box
  • Pack of 18 Big Fat Fancy Donuts



Your favorite nostalgic glazed donut, made with the best ingredients & unconditional love. 💖

PKR 270

Our best-ever donut topped with our super-secret Peanut Butter ganache, made for you to relive your childhood!

Pink glazed animated donut that always had your head over heels finally come to life.

New York Cheesecake, but make it Big Fit Donut

Big fat donut covered in a mixture of cinnamon sugar.

Our best ever & silkiest of chocolate sauce, now on a big fat donut!



PKR 620
PKR 550

Pillowy, softer than ever Big Fat Donut filled to the brim with our super comforting & secret caramel sauce 💓 the dreamiest donut we’ve ever built ☁️

PKR 570

The most anticipated flavour of ours, Boston Cream. This could make your nay-day, a yay-day!



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