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Big Fat


After teasing Big Fat Brownies for three whole years🥳 they’re finally yours for the taking! 🥳 Our brownies are so rich, dense, and fudgy - they’re practically like a really expensive chocolate bar, but, make it a brownie. Created in our kitchen HQ with the highest quality couverture chocolate and eggs and butter and sugars - they are a dream come true for chocolate lovers!

Big Fat

Double Chocolate Fudge

PKR 550

3x3 inches | Bite sized goodness

PKR 3,500

7.5x7.5 inches | Perfect Size To Start Scrumping

9x9 inches | Never Hurts To Go A Little Bigger

12x9 inches | Still Not Enough For The OGs

Big Fat

Chocolate Reloaded with Chocolate Globs

PKR 600

3x3 inches | Bite-sized, big in flavor

PKR 3,800

7.5x7.5 inches | Mini yet mighty

9x9 inches | perfect size to make you growl!

12x9 inches | Indulge like a boss with mega-brownie!

Big Fat

Why The Hell Is Nutella So Expensive?

PKR 650

3x3 inches | Nutty, small, epic satisfaction!

PKR 4,500

7.5x7.5 inches | Nuttela bombs for sweet cravings!

9x9 inches | Nuttela overload: medium brownie, massive delight!

12x9 inches | Get nutty with our mega-Nuttela delight!

Big Fat

Boujee Chocolate Brownie Slab With Candy Bars

PKR 600

3x3 inches | Candy chaos in bite-sized brownie bliss!

PKR 4,250

7.5x7.5 inches | Shrink the candy aisle, supersize happiness!

9x9 inches | Candy-packed goodness: Medium brownie, major yum!

12x9 inches | Browniezilla: Candy chaos gone colossal!